Vehicle magnetics is the easiest way to promote and advertise without the permanency of vinyl decals.  Again many sizes available, but the most common start at 12×18 and go up as follows, 12×24, 18×24.  Also available as die cut or digital printed for a more brilliant means.  

Have a weekend track car?  Magnetic numbers and class letters are  quick and easy way to be able to re-use your numbers at every event.  Keep in mind However, many of todays cars are using aluminum and fiber glass, so be sure and check first.  Also note that high-speed driving events will still require vinyl applications, not magnetic.


For over 15 years, Underground Graphics has been designing and producing the best is vehicle displays, …or commonly know as “Sign Boards”.  In the beginning, we used clear ¼” acrylic with flame polished edges and spent hours weeding the many die cut letters and logos in the design.  Times have changed, and while we can still do the “old school”, we prefer the new technology of digital print.  This allows us to use full color imagery, gradients, color matching.  Want a photo of your car included?  No problem.  The options become endless.  We recommend out most popular and common size of 28” x 22”, although we can cut to any size for your needs.  Please call or email us for details.


The great State of Texas has forbid us from continuing our famous “Texas replica plates”, …if it says Texas, looks like a Texas design, or uses your original numbers, we can not create it, make it or sell it. HOWEVER, we still do all other types of novelty plates. Team plates, car show plates, awards, …we still offer reflective, colored, die cut or printed.  Call or email for more info!


Like that blacked-out look?  Have a clear lens you’d like red?  We also offer vinyl tinting services, many colors to choose from.  Every car is different and may not be suitable for this process.  Call for pricing and details. 713-783-4739


Die cut vinyl is becoming a thing of the past.  With digital printing, we can use full color, we can print small text, we can print in bulk at a fraction of the time and cost of die cut.  From decals, to banners, to complete vinyl wraps.  We offer it all.


In keeping with our digital print technology, we proudly offer the poster service.  We recommend standard sizes for the ease of framing.  However, any size can be done, …even oversized wall art (much like those “Fat Head” prints).  We can do something as simple as a print only, …or add a gloss or matte laminate, …or add mounting to foamcore, or black gatorfoam for an even more rigid and high tech look.  Please provide us with hi-res artwork, as Facebook and Google images will not suffice.


Two day turnaround on orders received and approved before 11 a.m.  We offer basic design services on cards and free typesetting.  Spot color, or CMYK, glossy or matte, single sided or double sided.  Call or email us for more info.


While we have the capabilities to do such, we really do this for our in house jobs and orders.  If you need specialized assistance in creating a special logo or design, please note that it will be charged accordingly.